• Rosemary Lowe
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Rosemary Lowe is our licensed massage therapist. Massage therapy is a complement to our chiropractic care. Massage eliminates muscle tension that may be contributing to spinal and joints misalignments. Rosemary eases muscle tension by removing scar tissue that has formed from current or previous injuries. She specializes in three types of massage styles:

    Swedish - Provides a complete body massage that reduces stress and muscle tension. She will focus on a particular area when needed. 

    Deep Tissue - Target the layers of muscle tissue below the surface. In these areas, scar tissue may form following an injury and a deep tissue massage keeps your body loose and balanced. 

    Trigger Point Therapy - Focuses on specific tight areas of the body that are known to trigger difficulties. By eliminating muscle tension in these areas, your pain is reduced and your mobility improves. 

  • Nancy
    Office Manager

    Nancy is our office manager.  She manages the front office including patient scheduling, orthopedic supplies, insurance receivables and numerous other tasks.  Nancy is the first to greet you with a smile, and the last to say goodbye.  With her warm spirit and unyielding commitment to make Gallo Chiropractic Office the best Chiropractic clinic, Nancy provides world class services to our patients and as always….a warm and welcoming smile.

    Nancy is fluent in English, French and Creole. and is a key player to the success of Gallo Chiropractic Office. 


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