Great experience. I went in with quite a bit of pain in my lower back. After about an hour I left feeling pretty good, I could smile for the first time in about a month. Looking forward to my next appointment. Highly recommended.

James R.

After car accident my husband and I got treatments from Dr. Gallo over a few months, it helped us tremendously to regain health and strength. Very friendly and professional staff, we highly recommend this Chiropractor office. They worked with our busy schedule as well.

Petra H.

First visit and Dr Gallo was awesome. Spent the time to get to know me and not just give a quick adjustment. Especially since this is a VA referral I expected a lackluster experience. But he was by far the most personable doctor I have been to in a very long time. Highly recommend.

Harlie B.

Can’t say enough about Dr Gallo and his staff. I went there for sciatic injury. Their state of the art equipment – Dr Gallo and Rosemary the massage therapist have saved me! Their sincere care and most importantly their listening to me means soo much! Thanks Dr Gallo and staff!

Sheryl T.

First of all, let me say that Dr. Gallo is very special and caring. I have been his patient since September, 2018. I have a bunch of compressed discs and his protocol has been wonderful. I am free of back pain. I have seen a few doctors over my lifetime, but Dr. Gallo is the only one that has ever called me to see how I am doing. I truly appreciate that.

Beth C.

We were on vacation a few weeks ago when my husband’s shoulder suddenly froze in the middle of the night and was in extreme pain. After googling and reading reviews first thing the next morning we contacted Dr. Gallo’s office and he Immediately had us come to his office. I was somewhat concerned because there were no other patients there. After questioning if it was a slow day I learned that it was their paperwork day, typical day off from patients. I was impressed that he would see a complete stranger on his day off. This spoke highly of Dr. Gallo’s genuine concern of helping us. Dr. Gallo was very thorough and was gracious enough to even speak to our chiropractor from back home. He used laser therapy and did adjustments that day and the next day.My husband, Tom , was pain free after the 2nd treatment and told Dr. Gallo that he saved his life and vacation.

Thank you so much Dr. Gallo. God bless you. Tom and Wendy Craven from Illinois

We would highly recommend Dr.Gallo!!!

Wendy C.

We are snow birds who when home know and enjoy the benefits of massage. So finding myself in excruciating pain not wanting to go to urgent care, we found a sign not far from our Florida home that says: Pain, we can help. From the moment we entered the office, we knew we were in the right place. The kind, caring concern, compassion, tips and suggestions for lasting wellness were far and above anything we have ever experienced. I have just completed my 7th treatment, and feeling extremely blessed and very grateful. We will be spreading the word about Gallo Chiropractic!

Nancy P.

Very nice and helpful people. Friendly doctor and masseuse. Very professional. Great place for a massage!

Christopher L.

Dr Gallo helped us a lot after our car accident, explained us how and why…the connection was very important over months and after years we are still in contact monthly to make sure everything is fine with our body.

Claude B.

Dr Gallo was the best. I just yesterday did something to my back to where i couldnt walk properl;y. I called at 11:00 and was in the office filling out paperwork by 11:30. He refrained from having his lunch, to stay open and help me. 10/10 Stars. Also he was not covered under my insurance he also offered me a discount and i at 1:30 am now able to walk comfortably again. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Gallo And Nancy !!!


I pulled a muscle in my back just before heading to Italy for vacation. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get out of the car without help. I had never been to a chiropractor before but had nothing to lose. So, I called Gallo Chiropractic. They were able to take me the same day. Upon arrival, they X-rayed my back, had me on a traction machine, and did ultrasound pain relief. I went back the next day for same treatment. Glen hand delivered, to my home, free samples of a pain relief ointment. He offered to have me come in for treatment on July 4th even though he had holiday plans. The customer service, and caring attitude was to such an exceptional level that I felt obligated to make note of it on this venue. I highly recommend Gallo Chiropractic! My back ache was much better and I was cliff diving in the Mediterranean a week later thanks to Glen!

Mark A.

I came to Dr. Gallo with a sudden onset of severe neck pain, unable to turn my head more than an inch without feeling sharp pain. I could barely walk, and could not bend over or lie down. Five days later, after four sessions, my range of motion was 95%. No pain. Totally functional!

After a thorough examination, Dr. Gallo clearly explained my diagnosis, recommended treatment plan, anticipated prognosis, costs, insurance, and options. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, as a patient at Gallo Chiropractic, my diagnosed condition of acute cervical disc compression was professionally managed and treated with a combination of therapeutic modalities, which were individualized each session according to my progress. Moreover, I was compassionately treated as a person in great pain and worry about what my outcome may be. Dr. Gallo personally called me at home after my first two sessions to check on how I was feeling.

Thank you Dr. Gallo and staff for your knowledge, expertise, professional care, reassurance, and compassion. It can’t get any better than that!

Roger A Meisenhelder
Retired Psychologist
Father of a Chiropractor in OR

Super happy that I found Dr. Gallo! I didn’t have a good experience with my last chiro but this office treats everyone like family. Nancy is super sweet and very helpful and Dr. Gallo is very experienced and knowledgeable in his profession. Highly recommended

Delilah P.

I’ve been seeing Dr Gallo for four and a half years. A week and a half ago, on a Saturday,I hurt my back by bending and twisting and pinched my sciatic nerve. He saw me first thing early Monday morning. My pinched area received immediate relief though I was still in pain. Finally got back over there today and got the adjustment to put me back on top of the world. Thank you Dr Gallo and Nancy! You guys are the best ever! You are always accommodating with your time and knowledge of insurance.

Beth W.

I was on vacation with my family when my back popped and I was in terrible pain. They got me in right away and even called to check up on me later in the day. Dr.Gallow was incredibly caring and thorough. I recommend this place to anyone.

Hillary W.

I will never forget that Sunday afternoon when I slipped in my driveway and dislocated my shoulder.  The pain was so excruciating that there was no way that I could either move or be moved.  After over our hour of being unable to reduce the dislocation myself, and not knowing where to turn for help, I called you and without hesitation you said “I’ll be right there” I couldn’t believe that you would drop what you were doing and actually make a house call!!

I’m not sure which of us was more relieved when you put my shoulder back into it’s socket.  I certainly was relieved from the pain but you were just very humble and glad that you were able to help.

It would be my sincere pleasure to recommend your office to any of my friends or neighbors who would benefit from your clinical skills and expertise.  Besides, where else can you find a doctor who still makes house calls !!!!

Henry H.

After relocating to Bradenton recently I walked into Gallo Chiropractic Office and asked if I could get some chiropractic care.  I had been to chiropractors and other doctors for approximately 7 years prior to this.  I knew my spine was subluxated and was starting to note problems with my neck and hips.

It was not until this time that I realized there can be such difference in offices and the care you receive.

On my initial visit I received a thorough examination and x-rays, then on my following visit Dr. Gallo took the time to explain my examination results and demonstrate on my x-ray what was going on and what needed to be corrected.  He explained to me the need to not only provide relief care but also to tackle the job of correction, stabilization and strengthening my spine to the best of its ability, but that’s not all.

Since Dr. Gallo started adjusting me and having neuromuscular therapy I have stopped feeling my hips pop in and out of place and guess what else.  The pain pressure in my neck have lessened.

I can’t wait for the time to be one hundred percent and be seen for supportive care once a month to maintain a healthy spine.

Yes walking into Gallo Chiropractic has changed by life for the better.

Ryan L.